Remembering Manjusvara

This blog is for the people who were inspired by Manjusvara.  
Please add your comments to these images celebrating his life and your connection with him.


Like many on the spiritual path 
I can get hung-up on high-faluting metaphysics.
But the real test is when I am sitting alone
in my car at the traffic-lights. 

Where am I when the signal does its star turn 
from red to green, via yellow? 
These are of course all symbolic colours,
especially to a Buddhist: 

the red of infinite bliss, green of lightning-
quick compassion, yellow of inner-riches. 
But as the engine misses a beat, 
is this what I dwell upon?

Or is my mind, unseen, racing forward
to the supermarket, or cursing the pedestrians
for being so pedestrian, or thinking about 
nothing at all except its own gloom. 

Yet Blake said: Everything that Lives is Holy.
And that includes myself serving time at the traffic-lights, 
lost, out of view of those who think better
of me than I do.